Wrap Thermal Boot for Plug Wires or Oil Lines


Thermal Wrap Tube / Sleeve
For Plug Wires or Oil Lines (or other!)

This is a high-heat resistant thermal wrap tube/sock/sleeve that can be used to protect almost anything under the hood that will fit through it - plug wires, oil lines, hoses, electrical wires or harnesses, etc! They make an ideal fit for our 3SX custom plug wires - particularly for the SOHC engines where the wires get close to the manifolds (the DOHC engines they come out the top of the heads). They also fit over our 3SX Turbo Oil Line Kit lines - including the fat AN10 return lines! This means you can put these over your return lines as pictured and not worry about them melting (though we still always recommend tying your return lines away from the manifolds and exhaust pipes). This offers a cheap but effective safety measure for your expensive engines! You can also use them for protecting electrical harnesses and wires (e.g., EGT or O2 wires and plugs) or even vacuum lines.

They are just over 6 inches long and about 1 inch inside diameter.

Sold EACH or a set of 6 for plug wires.